Don't Let Tree Stumps Litter Your Yard

Don't Let Tree Stumps Litter Your Yard

Count on us for stump grinding services in Union Grove, Statesville & Mooresville, NC

After you cut down a tree, you'll be left with an unsightly tree stump in your yard. Instead of trying to dig it out and leaving a huge hole in its place, you should hire professionals to take care of it. Thacker's Tree Services offers stump grinding services to clients in and around Union Grove, Statesville and Mooresville, NC. We'll grind down your tree stump all the way to the root using a powerful stump grinder and leave you with a smooth, even landscape.

We can add this service onto your tree removal service. Call 704-798-7342 now to make an appointment for stump grinding services.

Tree stumps can cause serious problems

Tree stumps can ruin your property's curb appeal-but that's not the only problem they can cause. If you leave tree stumps in your yard, you could face...

  • Pest problems
  • Toxic fungi growth
  • Lawn disease

We'll use a high-end stump grinder to get rid of your stump in no time. Contact us today to make an appointment.